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Singhal Hospital Cashless Service
Singhal Hospital

Singhal Memorial Hospital is  Network Hospital
with many Insurance companies.

We are pleased to tell our patients that Singhal Memorial Hospital is a now Network Hospital for following:

  • Star Health Insurance

  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance

  • Niva Bupa Health Insurance

  • SBI Health Insurance

  • GoDigit Insurance

What documents to bring to hospital to avail hassle free cashless treatment?

Availability of all necessary documents enables patient, hospital and insurance company to process the admission of patients with minimum queries and at a faster pace.

Let's see what all you need

  1. Insurance policy document / ID card.

  2. Patient ID card (in case of infant bring in birth certificate).

  3. Relevant past medical records.

and now you are ready.

In what conditions your request for cashless hospitalization is not processed

digit insurance

Let's see

  1. Patients delays for 24-48hrs in informing / providing complete insurance policy & other necessary documents to hospital.

  2. If the bill amount of treatment crosses one lakh rupees, KYC is necessary to be filled, failure to that leads failed cashless authorization.

  3. Patient can't leave the hospital premise until the discharged is processed both by the insurance company and hospital, failure to that cancels the cashless authorization. 

  4. Patients policy plan does not include treatment, care and service prescribed by medical team.

  5. Insurance company denies cashless treatment authorization due to issues between patients and insurance company.

In what situations do patients have to pay for hospitalization?

Let's see

  1. The cashless claim is rejected by the insurance company. Don't worry you can always go for reimbursement.

  2. Insurance policy of patients does not cover the services, medicines or implants then the patients have to pay the remaining amount.

  3. In some cases depending on the situations hospital may ask for security deposit until the amount of treatment is not authorized / approved by the insurance company.

Are you a government insurance policy holder, click below to know which government scheme we are part of

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