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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Archana Singhal

Doctor is renowned Gynecologist

in Udaipur with 22+ year of experience in treatment of

women health problems.

& Child Care

Dr. Archana Singhal checking up on new born

Dr. Archana Singhal

MBBS, MS (Obs. & Gync.)

Doctor is renowned gynecologist in Udaipur. The gync. department headed by her is certified by N.A.B.H. and Manyata (an initiative by Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India)  for maternity care and treatment. 

To bring
ashless treatment
to patients
Singhal Hospital is now
network with.

Singhal Memorial Hospital.png

Services & Care
Singhal Hospital
are certified


Our experience was very positive, behavior and service are very good. Environment is such felt like my home

Mrs. Kiran Dangi

Staff are friendly and make me very comfortable, cleanliness is maintained and very hygienic

Parents of Miss Divya Bohra

On duty doctor and staff behavior was very good and  very much satisfied with service.

Parents of Kavyam Singh

Dr. Archana Singhal is the best doctor, you are like god for me thank you for love and support.

Mrs. Gargi Wadhwani

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